You’re excited to join a DAO, but don’t know how to find the right one to contribute to?

The secret sauce to becoming a DAO Contributor, or someone who works full-time as a core contributor to a project, lies in your credentials: both on-chain and off. Having said that Here’s some actionable advice to get your foot in the door as a contributor. These are our best quick tips for each recruitment technique used by most DAOs in the space:

Open Calls

Social recruiting

Job Boards

Application forms


Cold Calls

Web3 Native Job Boards

These are some of the most common ways to get into working and contributing for DAOs. While we’re at it, how about we pay some special attention to that last one?

How can you maximize your chances of getting a job with On-Chain Credentials?

To be a step ahead of the curve in this scenario, you could start by exercising your voice as a contributor as actively as possible. Delegate your governance, take part in multisig allocations, mint your work on web3 platforms, everything with a transaction hash could end up being a new opportunity for you in the future.

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